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Why Men Love Breasts

Men love big tits. It is something that has been seen for years. Straight men will devote so much time to the breasts of a woman, choosing women with big ones rather than smaller ones in the women they want to date or watch online. In the past, scientists have struggled to explain why men seem to be fixated on the breasts, but there are some great theories out there why boobs can be such a big point of arousal for many men.


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While many will state that boobs are just for feeding babies, there may be research that shows how the boobs can be more for sexual reasons. According to anthropologist Owen Lovejoy, evolution is to blame. He believes that it helped shape both the male and female reproductive organs. Why? To promote something known as pair bonding. What this translates to is that men got bigger breasts while men acquired big penises to help them mate. Boobs are part of this to help attract men sexually.

Another theory suggests that breasts actually signal to the male counterpart that the woman is at an advantage nutritionally speaking and, therefore, she is a suitable mate (not to mention more sexually desirable). This is further confirmed by a study that showed men like larger breasts more as well as wide hips and tiny waist. Clearly, it has to do with evolution.


Women with larger breasts have higher levels of a special hormone known as estradiol in the middle of their cycle, which could be a sign that they are more fertile. Males may be attracted to the big tits because they subconsciously know the woman is more fertile and ready for sex too. This promise of fertility makes them ready to take advantage of the situation and the idea of engaging in sex sounds more exciting for the male who likes big boobs.

This can go the other way as well. Men can make themselves more desirable by stimulating the breasts of a woman during foreplay and sex. A male’s desire for a big-breasted woman makes sense because it helps them to focus on this area, which in turn makes them more attractive to the woman. When the nipples are stimulated, it releases more oxytocin, which will increase the attention and affection that the woman has for the male next to her.


From a sense of fun and of evolution, liking big boobs is not a bad thing. Women often strive to have bigger boobs in order to entice and interest the men that they want in their lives. And men are more than welcome to enjoy them as well. Big boobs can make sex so much more fun for males who are aroused by bigger breasts and that’s completely natural!