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5 Reasons To Try Virtual Sex On A Live Sex Cam Site

We’re living in a 21st-century world, baby, and we don’t need to put so much as a finger on one another to get off anymore. Of course, you could watch standard porn, but there’s something so noninteractional about traditional porn. You’re watching other people have a good time, but you’re not exactly part of it yourself.

Cam sites aim to change that. For the first time in human history, it’s perfectly possible to fuck someone on the other side of the planet. And you may quibble at such things as ‘physical contact’, and you may be concerned about the fact that she’s just faking it.

For the former, there are interactive sex toys like Lovense vibrators. And as for the latter? Also, remote vibrators and the knowledge that you don’t need to be thousands of miles away from a woman for her to fake it.

The fact remains that free sex cams are the best virtual sex experience that you can possibly have, and everyone should give it a go at least once. Let’s take a look at the five most compelling reasons to fire up that webcam and go to town.

You Direct The Action

One of the best things about getting it on with a cam girl is that you’re the boss, and what you say goes. Have you ever watched porn where you're getting right into the action and, just as you’re about to blow your load, the cameraman cuts to the dude’s face? Nobody needs that in their porn, but that’s just a fact of life when watching something that someone else has directed.

Not so with virtual sex on a cam site. If you want the girl to suction that hands-free dildo to the world and back up onto it doggy style, that’s your call. If you want her to call you Steve “The Million Dollar Man” Austin, that can totally happen. Whatever you want goes – and that’s something that traditional porn simply cannot do.

There’s A Social Element To It

When watching a porn video, the most social interaction you’re going to get is the socially inept comments about tits under the video. The fact is that watching porn is not a sociable activity and is, in fact, something that most of us go to massive lengths to conceal.

Not so with cam sites. Even the less popular performers will have a bunch of people hanging out in the chat, making for a community of like-minded people shooting the shit about someone they’d all like to bang. You might even be willing to enter into a group show with some of them. And if not, there’s always a private show.

More than just getting to know your fellow viewers, you’re getting to know the performers themselves. Following pornstars is a parasocial relationship – one party is completely ignorant of the other’s existence. You can like as many of Mia Khalifa’s videos as you like – chances are she’ll never know of your existence.

With cam girls, though? You’re cultivating a relationship in real-time. They’re seeing what you’re writing, saying or doing and responding immediately. When you activate their Lovense, you see them get turned on because of something you did. Traditional porn simply cannot compete.

There’s Very Little Acting

Alright, bear with me here – there might be a little acting. Not every girl is actually slipping off her bed because you’re turning her on so much. Not every groan is necessarily the product of genuine sexual excitement. But when it comes to your interactions with cam girls? Those are the real thing.

There’s no script with cam girls. You’re talking to the girl herself. She isn’t affecting a persona. So when you take things private adult live cams, and it’s just you and her, it really is just you and her. And that feeling of having someone’s undivided attention is intoxicating.

It’s 100% Safe And Secure

When you go do fleshy stuff in meatspace, there’s an element of risk. You could get ripped off. You could catch something. You could get arrested, mugged, or worse. Even if you’re just going to a strip club, you’re not entirely safe – and if the girls offer something a little extra, you might give into temptation. And that exposes you to all of the above risks, much like soliciting a hooker does.

With virtual sex on a live cam site, there’s much less risk. No chance of STIs or the other risks that go with going out to pay for sex. And almost all of the benefits. It’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Cam Girls Are More Relatable Than Many Pornstars

While there are many, many super-hot pornstars out there, the fact is that their level of celebrity (and their hotness) makes them larger than life and difficult to relate to. That’s often not the case with camgirls; while many of them are smoking hot, they’re just as often the girl-next-door type, and they commonly have a refreshingly down-to-earth attitude, especially those on popular sites like PDCams.

This may well be the case with some of the biggest pornstars in the business, but you’re unlikely to have a conversation with them anytime soon, are you? This unapproachability makes it incredibly difficult to relate to them on any meaningful level. Many of us need some kind of mental or emotional connection to truly get off – no matter how hot the person we’re looking at is.

With camgirls, you can just hang out in the free chat for a while and get to know her. That simple act of chilling out and chatting builds a real person out of the girl on the other end rather than just a nice set of tits.

To Sum Up, You Get What You Pay For With Cam Sites!

Though porn has its uses (and always will), the fact is that having virtual sex with a cam performer is exhilarating and titillating in a way that traditional porn simply cannot match. Sure, it may cost a little more, but the experiences you come away with are more than worth it. Do yourself a favour and check out a camgirl or two today.